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Hľadanie pôvodu týchto pravidiel umožňuje určiť kde a akým spôsobom vznikol. Preň je typické, že tento vznik nevysvetľuje, ale predpokladá zárodočnú prítomnosť kapitalizmu „od úsvitu dejín“ (s. Vnútorná logika trhu sa podľa tohto modelu nikdy nezmenila: „od začiatku k nej patrili racionálne egoistickí jednotlivci maximalizujúci svoj úžitok predajom tovarov pre zisk“ (s. Komercializačný model sa tak zaoberá identifikovaním prekážok, ktoré stáli v ceste prirodzeného kapitalistického vývoja.
Rob is invited to the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, Linsey, to Duncan James, from Blue.

Accommodating individual differences classroom

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--Nikki Giovanni To understand people's behaviors, we need to look at the roots of their actions.One way to do this is to consider several basic ways in which we all interact with a situation, a person, information, or ideas.Appreciate and accommodate the similarities and differences among the students' cultures.Effective teachers of culturally diverse students acknowledge both individual and cultural differences enthusiastically and identify these differences in a positive manner.(National Commission on Excellence in Education, 1983) The first part of this recommendation has been accepted in many quarters. The “new equally demanding mathematics curricula" for non–college-bound students, at least as far as meeting graduation requirements, are increasingly the same courses as for college-bound students.We at UCSMP have contributed to some of these changes.It is designed to instigate multiple strategies impacting individual students while focusing on a common goal.In other words, the students are all learning identical content, but the strategy for successfully achieving the common outcome/goal is dependent on individual student learning styles and developmental levels (Lieberman & Houston-Wilson, 2009). It has been incorporated as a successful instructional strategy with gifted and talented students for decades.

Social skills such as respect and cross-cultural understanding can be modeled, taught, prompted, and reinforced by the teacher. Interviews with African-American high school students who presented behavior challenges for staff revealed that they wanted their teachers to discover what their lives were like outside of school and that they wanted an opportunity to partake in the school's reward systems.Many students using UCSMP texts tend to take algebra and geometry a year earlier than used to be the norm, and many go on to take more mathematics than they would have before.Because of these developments, every teacher is being asked to accommodate a wider range of students in each class, and yet, more than ever, to recognize and deal with the differences among an effective and successful strategy for educating diverse students within the same setting.Expertise in the content being taught is only a fraction of the overall differentiated instruction picture, as in theory, teachers can be experts in their fields, but may not be experts in how to take into account the diversities of learners.Style is concerned with behavior: People act differently.