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Started in the late 1990s, Free Chat Now is one of the originals.
It offers extra personalized services, valuable security protections and a high quality of customer service.

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Sites like Planely and KLM are taking a similar approach, connecting you for with people on your flight or at the same arrival/destination points.

Planely, for example, uses people’s Linked In and Facebook profiles to suggest useful social or business connections beyond romantic dates.

The Miami mall-like airport was the only American one to make it on the list.

Meet At The Airport is the latest online dating venture to enter the travel atmosphere.

I, personally, think Planely hits on a great medium of optimizing connections around you beyond dating in an airpot.

How many times have you gotten on a plane and hoped that you had a seat next to one of the hot girls on that flight?

Co-founder Nilsson told The Huffington Post that the idea to launch the app came from trends she noticed in airport lounges around the world.

"I'm always glancing at the people approaching the lounge trying to pick up the courage to speak to someone about being their plus-one without causing an awkward scene," she said, adding, "flying is a pretty lonely business and transiting tends to be boring. We're encouraging fellow travelers to be kind to strangers, socialize more, and why not use the app for dating?

The new app prides itself on connecting you with people from around the world, setting it apart from numerous dating sites that rely on similar networks as the basis for connections.

At 80,000 users and growing, Meet At The Airport has the potential for success, but seems more enticing for simple company rather than love.