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The following code example demonstrates how to set the collection, inferring the parameters from the Bound Field objects, and calls the Update method when the Update link on the editable Grid View is selected.

Backdating of executive

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Plaintiffs asserted five sets of claims against Jabil and certain of its senior officers. The Eleventh Circuit agreed with the district court that defendants were shielded from liability by the “safe harbor” provision of the Reform Act for forward-looking statements.Or, in a more extreme case, the executives may benefit from blatant options backdating.(To learn more about options backdating, read What is excessive or what features of options compensation should investors be looking for?The practice of backdating executive stock options has received significant attention in the U. financial[1] and legal[2] literature, and has recently begun to be discussed in the Canadian legal literature.[3] Backdating, in its most basic form, is the use of hindsight to selectively pick a local low point in a stock’s trading price and issue executive stock options stipulating the selected date as the grant date when, in fact, the options are granted at a later date. In 2003, the rate was reduced to 5% for individuals in the lowest two income brackets and 15% for all others. Because the backdated options’ strike price is lower than the market price on the actual grant date, the recipient has received something of greater monetary value (even if the options have not yet vested) than a correctly dated at-the-money option.[4] Companies could reward executives with cash compensation or additional properly dated and priced incentive awards, including options, rather than engage in dubious backdating practices.[5] It is clear that there must be reasons other than greed that have led so many to backdate executive options.[6] Academics, regulators, and practitioners alike have tried to gain a better understanding of these incentives and the roles they have played in the backdating scandal; however, there is as of yet no consensus regarding the causes of backdating.[7] This is problematic because policy, legislative, or regulatory changes are unlikely to be effective if the root causes are unknown. In 2008, the long-term capital gain rate for individuals in the lowest two tax brackets (currently 5% and 15%) was further reduced to zero. We tie this to the favorable Canadian tax treatment of executive options relative to their treatment in the United States.