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This is Ultimate Street Fighter, basically a Street Fighter Dream Match game.There were several more characters I was going to include from the fandom, but I felt like including a barer list as default (though I did include one character I was given permission to use a while ago, 's um... I'll probably ask around for characters later and if I run out of room, make a seperate section for OCs that aren't mine.

Bonus additions are the cast from Jang Pung 3 and a hadnful of fighters from Kuài Dǎ Chuánshu­ō - both unlicensed games with Street Fighter heritage (One a sequel to a unlicensed SF2 port, the other titled "Street Fighter IV" on it's title screen). Edit 4 (5/17/16): Added Jaques, Kallista, Phoenix, Al-Nay, Danni, The Mollusk, So Kwa, Drake, Corona and Lussthu-Kha from the Storytelling Game, Eric the Imperfect Shotoklone from MUGEN and named SF5 Beta Concepts, Elizabeth and Asuka. By the way, can you consider Makoto Mizoguchi from Fighters' History? Also note this version of Simon uses the Beast Hunter instead of the Vampire Killer.- Simon with light brown hair, purple armor and a red Headband - based on his Goemon cameos.- Simon's Japanese Super Castle Vania IV design- Simon's Castle Vania II: Simon's Quest design- Simon's Haunted Castle/Super Castle Vania IV (English) Design Walk animation: Simon's crouche USF: Metal Gear Guests Name: Solid Snake (David Hayter/Akio Otsuka)Alternate Skins: Classic Snake - Snake as seen in the original versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2.

Wonderful portrayals of the human condition under inhuman conditions!

Fantastic creatures in analytic detail brought to you by a master illustrator - the Art Director behind Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition. Well worth the cost and certain to be a sought-after collectible.

Though the only city level characters I can recall off the top of my head in Dark Souls are the higher tiers. Still the scaling is bit iffy in my OP, but hey, it's Dark Souls. Though what's also stopping Guts superior speed from not playing a factor?

And his sword also capable of harming superior beings? And his casuality/ability to defy fate (though this last one would be an NLF to take it too far). The Dragonslayer can harm beings up to around Multi city block level, but the gap between MCB to city level is actually gigantic.