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Benji and donyelle dating

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2) Methinks our boy Benj is developing a wee crush on that lovely lass Donyelle**.

I mean, I understand friendliness, but all those sweet lil' pecks are starting to look a bit more than platonic***...3) If Nigel is the posterboy for Viagra, then Aleksandra is the postergirl for depression.

Travis Wall was season 2's runner-up and has returned to the show as a choreographer.

Heidi Groskreutz finished in 4th place, though it wasn't all sad news for her family.

Taking hold of the stories are a set of unknowns, Jenna Dewan (also in , though pretty much all her speaking parts were cut and all we were left with was her great finale dance, left a little unmoving since we didn’t get to know her character), and Channing Tatum (who, with this movie, , seems to have gotten this summers up and comer boy slot).

The two have a naturalism (if not the greatest vocal dramatizations) that along with filming in the city Baltimore, gives the fairytale plot much more grit.

]Benji played a love-lorn DJ tonight, to Donyelle's Dancing Diva. I must admit that for the first time, the Benjyelle routine was NOT my favourite of the night. Those arm extension-y things, where she's crouching down, and her arm whips from the front, up over her head, and then over her back? Recall that the team that did this style last week (Heidi/Whats-His-Face) wasn't too popular either. *** To be fair, I said that about pretty much every couple that performed tonight. Oh, and the fact that they were all practically making out with each other. But when it comes down to solo dancing, Travis is just IT. I obviously care too much about this reality television show. The whole show is somewhat flawed in that the prize goes to just one person, yet the dancing is mostly in partners. Season 3: Of the 3 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Choreography that the show received in 2008, one resulted in a win for choreographer Wade Robson.His routine "Hummingbird and Flower" was danced by Hokuto "Hok" Konishi and what female contestant?Mormon, Benji discusses his struggle to come to terms with his sexuality and his devout Latter-Day Saints faith.