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If you decide a relationship isn’t going anywhere and you’d be happier alone, you have every right to move on. In that scenario, forget courtesy – just get out fast and don’t look back.) So if you’re planning to finish it, here are my top three dos and don’ts for a kinder break-up…

But even if you’ve reached the point where you don’t even like the other person much and can’t wait to get shot of them, you can still treat them with dignity and kindness. The support that being part of a community offers is really valuable.

When I started online dating, it was fun — at first.

I loved the sheer number of people who were also hoping to find love. There’s a whole series of stereotypes around blind dates, and I’m guilty of holding most of them. But I left my blind date with the following three reflections: ‘So how did you find them?

It can be difficult to know how to leverage these tools for the Kingdom.

It was easy to log in during the down times of my day and chat with a friend. ‘How did you find all those fine, potential partners? When you search for a perfect potential partner, you will end up finding no one because basically, that’s the wrong place to start.We live in an exciting time, but it can also be a confusing time.Technology is reshaping life and ministry, and it all seems to be moving forward at a crazy pace.The leadership team includes: Jackie Elton who founded Christian Connection in 2000. Jackie has a strong interest in supporting single Christians in the Church and working for better standards in the dating industry.Erica Turner is responsible for business operations and strategy, in particular, the development of new markets.Starting with that question, apply the following seven principles to your own context.