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Could not get dependencies for project reference validating website

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A work around could be add as nuget package, but we loose the capability to debug.

I a m working in a project and we have decided start with the core and MVC6, so a work around will be appreciated.

When I try to launch the debugger, I get the "There were build errors." dialogue.

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IApplication Environment, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=null' or one of its dependencies. Here's an example of a package that doesn't work on dnxcore50: be the reason for a build failure.I answered a question on stackoverflow that started to turn into a brain dump of the debugging techniques we've learnt while building this brand new stack. This project system is brand new (written from scratch), the Nu Get client is new, the dnx is new and evolving quickly. We have plans to make it so that packages can mark the minimum dnx that they require to run to make the error message more clear. Within visual studio, there is a process that runs called the Design Time Host.While everything is still evolving, here's that answer reposted here as a blog post (slightly modified). When things go bad it's easy to throw your hands up and complain (please keep complaining), but with a little help and practice, you'll be diagnosing problems like a pro in no time (and sending pull requests! Also as time goes by, the breaking changes will die down and this issue will fade away... It's an instance of the DNX that Visual Studio and Omnisharp use to drive intellisense and diagnostics for based projects.Amongst other things, the Yocto Project uses the Open Embedded build system, which is based on the Poky project, to construct complete Linux images.You can find complete introductory and getting started information on the Yocto Project by reading the Yocto Project Quick Start.I was able to reproduce the issue in a new MVC6 solution created with the beta8 tools; I created a solution with a new MVC6 project and then added a class library (non-packaged) to the solution. It seems that if the files for the external references in wrap folder have a reference to the 'dnx451' framework than it seems this bug appears. I add an non-packaged library project to the solution and then adding it as a project reference in a web app does not cause this problem. NET and Web Tools 2015 (RC1 Update 1) 14.1.11120.0 Created a ASP.