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Weeks and weeks passed, with Matt constantly checking in, but they were consistently given the run around.

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Also, it’s true for most people that having a community of people working on similar projects will inspire and nurture you into doing better things with your own project. Micro blogging users send and publish brief updates such as text, photos or audio clips.Twitter has become such a phenom in the tech world, and a darling in the media world, that it has eclipsed and dwarfed the other micro blogging platforms.Michael Grey wrote a comparative analysis aptly titled, 5 Micro Blogging Sites That Aren’t Twitter (link below), that sheds light on some of the lesser known free services (compared to Twitter), and also includes notes about their search engine optimization usefulness. w=500" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-3326" title="Twitter Tanking" src="” regarding this lack of numbers, reflects the interest in the actual Twitter traffic trends and growth.Posterous: Micro Blogging platform that allows users to update Twitter, Flickr, You Tube, Tumblr, Blogger, Picasa, Word Press, Facebook and a handful of others social media sites.Friend Feed: This micro blogging aggregator is somewhat of a reverse Posterous, in that users can yours, and other, social media information into one stream, including tweets from Twitter, links from Stumble Upon, pictures from Flickr, Facebook updates, Blogger posts, and so on.

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In early 2010, the website reached 3,000,000 photos and 10,000,000 comments.We spoke to CEO Brian Pokorny, and he explained the “key points of the fund raising are to expand the team and power the whole front-facing camera experience.” Daily Booth is “really looking to build the social software, and the unique kind of interactions that can persist from this new piece of hardware that has never really happened before.” The site is, he says, is “at the cusp of this change in hardware, this change in behavior” and aims to “power the software that allows this communication to exist.”Indeed, Daily Booth promotes itself as one of the few social media sites that uses the front-facing camera on smartphones, though it was initially reliant on webcams on PCs.Rear-facing camera apps are exemplified by Twitpic and Instagram, where users communicate the things they’re seeing at the moment, but Daily Booth is more about its users lives in context–a front-facing camera affair.Although not mentioned in the article, the big news this week is that Friend Feed has been acquired by Facebook, which will likely mean there will be more integration of FF technology directly into the mighty FB.Tumblr: Like Posterous this micro blogging platform allows users to post text, pictures, video, audio, chat and links. 12 Seconds: Micro Video Blogging (Make your videos 12 seconds or less).Well, Daily Booth is a fun idea – it’s a neat way to update your friends on your mood or how your day is going by the use of photos.