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The study estimated that the overall number of stolen mobiles was more than double the 330,000 figure officially recorded by police.

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If you don't play an instrument, grab the Music Director, or a musician and together, figure out the keys of the songs you've chosen, any potential creative moments you might have, specific transitions, etc.

That way you have a plan in place that has been practiced, but you also have flexibility to change if you feel to do so.

But Hillsong is one of Australia’s few global brands.

It is one of the most powerful Australian youth brands.

“It is the main thing that lifts Hillsong above other older, dustier religions.” Produced through its own record label, Hillsong Music Australia, 40 albums have been released in two decades.

The music brand Hillsong United has its own You Tube channel, which has amassed almost 30m views.

Megachurch: Hillsong attracts hundreds of thousands to their 'mega-churches' and at their annual conference in Sydney this week (pictured) the All Phones Arena was crowded with believers and with young people hoping to catch sight of recently born-again pop star, Justin Bieber Pictured in high heels outside designer store Chloe, Esther Houston posted on her Facebook page with this photo that 'En Why Sea loves me' and the striking Brazilian beauty has plenty of adoring followers which include Pstor Brian and Bobbie Houston, her parents-in-law and founders of the Hillsong Church Bags of style: One of several photographs Ester Houston has posted on her social media pages posing with designer handbags like this Hermes Birkin bag (above) and stylish clothes the stunning Brazilian born model (pictured while pregnant) favours, making her a glamorous addition to the Houston family of Hillsong pastors Esther (pictured with husband Joel Houston) now divides her time between their Manhattan apartment, Los Angeles hotels and Sydney, Joel's hometown from which he is expanding the booming commercialisation of the Hillsong church with its blend of modern marketing practices and ancient religious customs Soul saving and song: Followers pack in to mega-church Hillsong's Easter Service in April this year in Sydney, and with a growing number of congregations around the world the powerful religious brand is beginning to rival Scientology with it s following and attraction to celebrities Hermes again: Esther Houston, pictured with a chocolate-coloured Hermes Birkin bag, apperas to have a large collection of luxury label fashion and recently mused o Facebook that her high street style contrasteed with her Hillsong pastor husband's barefoot surfer look, but that their union had worked wonderfully Ms Houston's father-in-law, who also favours designer clothes, such as Valentino suits, and flies around the world first class, is credited with the brilliant commercialisation of born-again Christianity.

He continued to preach and deliver televised sermons despite being suspended by his own church for molesting a seven-year-old boy.

Model Esther Lima married Joel Houston in 2012 and they had their son Zion, a Biblical name which means 'promised land'.

The happy-clappy megachurch does not enjoy a Godly reputation in all quarters, and gets a kicking in the comment thread on Mumbrella whenever we write a story about Gloria Jean’s, the coffee chain it supposedly has ties with.

It’s also been on the receiving end of some bad press for a lack of transparency over its finances, sordid goings-on that led founder Brian Houston’s father to depart, a book by a former Hillsonger that called it ‘toxic Christianity’, and allegations of vote stacking in Australian Idol.