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As previously reported, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department told Us that law enforcement officers responded to a call about a “possible suicidal male with a gun” at the real estate agents’ home on May 23.
If the service animal is a necessity, then they are, in a way, like someone with children, part of the package. Most people are not like that and the ones that really want to spend your life worrying about them? Those that aren't animal-friendly/lovers (such as myself!

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And, while I’ve spent a significant amount of time on this site going on about political changes and religious things, too, I’d like to open the eyes of my non-Arab (or Arabic-speaking) readers to more cultural things; today’s topic? ” words, the “let’s dive into that broom closet and get to know each other” words.

Maybe those are poetic in their own way, but, well…

I asked Sandy to continue narrating her experience and she told me that his family was against the marriage; “they told him that I was loose and that he should get married to a virgin.

One day we walked past Al Capone’s restaurant and the waiter, who introduced himself as Ahmed, asked us to look at the menu.

Writer and journalist SALLY BISHAI’S controversial and informative opinions on the news of the day. As well as updates on whatever documentaries she’s making at the moment. Not to mention the odd “What is WRONG with society, anyway?! September 11th changed lots of things for Arabs and Arab Americans, including the ways we’re perceived.

Americans (and, indeed, many westerners) have become very interested in the Middle East, and the things that happen over there. That’s right, think of any American Top 40 tune and consider the lovey-dovey words, the “I can’t live without you!

Whilst we were eating our meal, Ahmed came over to our table and lit a candle “to make it romantic,” but I quickly told him that there was no need to make it romantic as Paul and I were just friends.

I’m pretty sure Ahmed said something like, “Good news for me.” Then he told us that he was finishing work soon, and asked if we wanted to go for a drink.