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However, in 1983 they decided to dissolve their married life and they got divorced that year. She got her rise in fame in 1980 after she played the role of Anita in the Broadway, West Side Story. Edit Debbie received her formal education from Jack Yates Senior High School.

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With the permission of the Seminary’s President, Fr. Chrysostom, whom I’d met during my parish assignment at St. I had already learned a bit about his fascinating life, and I wanted him to share his story further with me and with my fellow seminarians. Chrysostomos serves large communities of converts, by riding from village to village each Sunday on his bicycle, and organizing benevolent projects for the elderly and for orphans. Christopher's, an orphanage and elementary school in rural Nigeria, under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. Chrysostomos serves five different parish communities in the area!

The Orthodox Church in Nigeria, he told us, is growing, but the resources are scarce, and finding young men to become priests, training them, and then providing livable salaries for them are all serious challenges.

Does the Church hold up any paradigms for marriage to provide the framework for a Christ-centered marriage? The Church offers three icons from which we can learn how to live the married life: Christ the Bridegroom, Sts. These icons represent the three dimensions of marriage, the personal, the intimate, and the communal, respectively. Even in its shortened form, porn is just a word–a word that simply describes something that is demeaning, causes objectification, makes us feel funny, drives the largest slavery operation in the history of the world, and changes the ways we think and act. More » Domestic violence is about power and control.

Others have donated prayer ropes and icons.) I, and my fellow seminarians, learn a lot when we follow our Lord’s admonition to welcome strangers (Matt 25.35). Vladimir’s for study, along with other Nigerian students.The Council of Elvira, a local synod held in Hispania Baetica (part of modern Andalusia) in 306, before Constantine had legitimized Christianity, made it an explicit law that bishops and other clergy should not have sexual relations with their wives.The church canons known as the Ecclesiastical Canons of the Holy Apostles, which appear to have been composed in Syria or Egypt slightly earlier have also been interpreted as imposing a similar obligation.It is a systematic pattern of coercive behaviors intended to punish, gain and maintain control of the victim.It frequently begins so subtly that victims may not realize what is happening. A wonderful time for family, friends, relaxing, and playing.Church should be the center of our lives throughout the year and summer is no exception. More » All marriages need to be nurtured from the first day to the last of our lives.