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Dating broke

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I would work a 9 hour work day, come home and then work on A New Mode until midnight.

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I unfortunately have to rely on welfare to survive, and after I pay rent and bills my budget is razor thin.When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up after being together for almost a year, he said he was too young to be tied down to just one girl and he had too many things on his plate (his school, his band, etc).At first I thought he just didn’t want me to move on from him, but then he called me and told me he missed being in a relationship with me and that he missed me since I hadn’t talked to him for three days).My first-date outfit says I know the difference between kumamotos and shigokus, and can afford to splurge on them both.I'm determined to maintain this veneer of class."Sure! "Let's have another dozen."As a freelance writer, I've accepted that I will never make a ton of money.However, I am keeping calm and carrying on as best as I am able and still working toward employment. At the start of this stretch of unemployment I had decided to get employment before finding female companionship, but as time goes by I find myself see-sawing between loneliness and missing the spark a relationship gives. To start with, how blatantly should I be advertising that I’m broke?