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Dating dictionary system

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Thomas Hodges) is an internationally known dating and relationship coach for men.His knowledge and wisdom comes from having interviewed over 10,000 women during the last 35 years and posing fundamental questions on why a woman chooses to leave one guy and stay with another.How to use your phone The System includes the Dating Dictionary, Interview CD and Speech CD): How to get women to chase you.Screening out takers and users - before you spend time and money. Secrets to appearing super confident without bragging.He has also interviewed several men that are 'naturals' in this area and never have trouble getting and keeping women.

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Screening out takers and users - before you spend time and money.So there is this guy who goes by the name Doc Love.He wrote a book, and writes for several internet columns offering dating advice to men.In the grand matters of life and love and dating, I’m definitely not a pick up artist.I’m not looking for “friends with benefits” or a “no strings attached” sexual relationship (quite frankly, that concept sickens me) or a one-night stand.It offers insight into the female mind and covers such areas as: - How to build super confidence - Finding out a woman’s true motives - The advantage of using the phone - Womanese: the secret language of females - Testing a woman to see if she really likes you - Why there are some dates that should be avoided - Subtle signs women use to show interest in a man - There are different types of women that should be avoided The System includes the Dating Dictionary as well as audio training CDs.