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"I'm sorry, we're just not going to have a discussion about religion in my view," the former Massachusetts governor said. The Mormon Church has been accused in the past of barring interracial marriage, but church officials say emphatically that is not the case.
Much hybridising and selection have produced a host of enticing named cultivars.

Dating national resonator guitars

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National resonator guitars have fascinated me (and rendered me useless for any other work besides music) since I was a young boy.The original Nationals were always the best resonator guitars from the golden age of American instrument history, but they stopped production in 1941.I don't like the sound of electric pickups in my guitars so I always use a microphone.With a normal acoustic guitar, you can never get enough volume without feedback - a National guitar's extra volume allows this - 89 years after it was invented it's still a useful tool. in a Broadway show called "The Bird Of Paradise" and in 1915, 17 million Americans visited the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco seeing exhibitions of Hawaiian music and dance.They produced a sweet tone and higher volume than wood-body guitars, and with the endorsement of Sol Hoopii, the biggest Hawaiian guitarist of the day, they quickly made obsolete the hollow-neck Hawaiian guitars of Weissenborn as well as the modified conventional-style Hawaiians (with raised nut and straight saddle) of Martin and other makers.The resonator guitar was destined for a short period in the spotlight, as Hawaiian players would abandon acoustic guitars of all types by the mid 1930s in favor of electrics (with Hoopii again leading the exodus).Introduced in 1930, the Style O was the endpoint of several years of rapid evolution of the resonator guitar.As a brass-bodied guitar, it occupied a unique spot between National’s inexpensive single-cone steelbodies and the high-end “German silver” tri-cone models (though there were a few single-cone models with German silver bodies).

Style 1 was plain, and Styles 2, 3, and 4 sported progressively fancier engraved floral patterns.

Earliest were made of wood w floral scene then hula girl motif on the back, but quickly went to steel w the palm tree scene and setting sun seen left.

DUOLIAN'S This seems to be the guitar everyone is after.

National made nickel silver, Hawaiian guitars, mandolins, tenor guitars, and ukuleles.

Their design shows a strong Art Deco influence, very modernistic, and a true blending of art and industry.