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July 14th 2015 was the day that a now infamous video of a couple having sex in a Uniqlo dressing cubical went viral across We Chat and Weibo.

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Also include a photo of the whole bottle and closure. Also, as mentioned in my PM to you, we will try to date it.If you need help with posting the pix, let me know! As for value, try contacting Martin Green at Bonham's - (at) or try Happy New Year!

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Be sure to get a close-up and clear shot of the label.

The very bottom of the label reads as follows: 75cl Gay Lussac 43 followed by a degree symbol.

This seems to be a rare bottle and I wondered if you had any information or pricing on it.

Great for drink tokens, or put 'em on a bottle for a memorable favor!

Traditional printed crown corks (the industry term for "bottle cap") have a minimum order of about half a million per design. Bottle Mark does personalized bottle caps on demand, in full color, with no minimum order, and in a matter of days. Our web-based instant upload and design tool is also fast and innovative.