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This using of men is epidemic, and sadly most men that end up in this spot never knew how badly they’ve been duped until years later.
But the “goods” being hawked by the seasoned ladies behind the stalls are not scarves or souvenirs, but rather singles.

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It can be hard to care for our bodies due to the messages from the media that sell us the idea that we are less than.

Sometimes these messages come from other places as well: our peers, our coaches, our doctors, or our families. It’s important to find ways of caring for ourselves, after all, we all get to value our bodies. We all deserve the right to feel healthy and beautiful for whom we truly are.

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It can be hard to value our bodies when we compare ourselves to the unrealistic images we see in social media, movies, TV, advertising, magazines, etc.

The shock failure of the Foss Barrier meant the Ouse floodwaters backed up the Foss for the first time since 1982.

About 500 homes alongside the Ouse, the Foss, Tang Hall Beck and Osbaldwick Beck were inundated.

And many legal remedies have to be used within a specific amount of time.

Our attorneys on the legal lines cannot assist with criminal problems.