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Dunn reprised her role as Mandy for a guest stint in the spin-off Hollyoaks Later in October 2013.

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Once I assured them that I wasn't going to die in five years, I found that if I wasn't awkward about it, neither were they.My heart transplant scar made me a warrior, my boyfriend told me at the time. If anything, I sometimes had to be careful that guys didn't want to date me just because they were in awe of what I'd been through.As I said, after about eight weeks I started thinking she wasn't even in the same ballpark of a person I would consider marrying.She is very nice, treats me well and is very attractive, but she just didn't have "it" -- that thing that is indiscernible that would make me know without a doubt she was the one.

I waited nine months to receive a life-saving heart transplant.Three months later, as a freshman at Princeton University, I had to figure out the most nonchalant way to tell my new friends and occasional crushes all of this, and that "oh, by the way, I also have an above knee leg amputation." I'd already made the decision to be open about my story in the media, in the campus newspaper, and through my public speaking/advocacy, but getting to know someone on a one-to-one, intimate level was different.At first, some guys thought the heart transplant made me fragile.It was a tough, tough fight he had -- my sister and two brothers and I were there with him side-by-side for the operations, the visits to countless clinics, etc. Anyone who has been though this knows exactly what I am saying. Last week, she tells me she just got diagnosed with cancer. Should I just walk away and completely shut her out of my life and give no reason? For even thinking about this I feel like the worlds worst person.We watched him have some real bad days, then some real good days. It is treatable and the survival rate is high, but it involves treatments, clinic visits, and hospital stays. Call me weak, but last year I went though all this with my dad and it broke me. She is a wonderful girl and I know she will be OK, but I can't do this all over again so soon.My feelings on that comparison are not relevant here.