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There is no way DBML file gets updated as and when you change the SP. Edit the dbml file as xml file (you can use open as xml in VS only) and save the dbml file.

That keeps things sorted with your version control and gives you the correct class. Whenever you have update in your SP whether it is input or output parameters.

He couldn’t find a way to update the Linq to SQL DBML file so it reflects the changes he made to the underlying database model.

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Both the classes contain the ‘Load()’ method which accepts a file, a URL or XMLReader and allows XML to be loaded.After that, the Table in question was removed from the DBML database diagram, and the new version added back in using the Server Explorer.Trouble is, VS2013 still does not see the new fields, and will not compile if I reference them.As you probably know Microsoft started its journey in ORM land with 2 frameworks: Linq to SQL, a lightweight ORM with some nice features and good performance but tightly coupled to SQL Server and Entity Framework which started as an ugly beast but is now transformed into a good, performant Enterprise ready ORM solution.So Microsoft decided to stop investing in Linq to SQL and put al its effort in Entity Framework.The new table structure is clearly visible in the DBML database diagram.