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To better your chance, visit their offices and seek for jobs during working hours to have close contact with them. You can ask friends or browse the internet to find all these places.
You’ll chat with various conversation partners (all levels in French) for 7 minutes each in French, followed by 7 minutes in English.

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And of that billion, most is produced off the blood, sweat, tears and flesh of helpless underage child sex slaves caught up in global trafficking rings operated by this same diabolical global elite. Because those running these global child sex networks internationally control both them and law enforcement and high courts.

At the head of this planet’s ruling elite are 13 family that include the Rothschilds and Rockefellers as well as European royalty, controlling thousands of compromised, bribed and blackmailed puppet politicians, bankers, judges, CEO’s, military generals, entertainers, top level spies and police chiefs. Pedophiles are disbursed amongst such elitist think tanks as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission as well as various covert organizations like Yale’s Skull and Bones Society and 33 degree and higher Freemasonry.

James "Jimmi" Seiter was the road manager of The Byrds from July 1966 onwards, except for most of 1969, when he was the road manager of The Flying Burrito Brothers.

The Burritos released their groundbreaking debut album, The Gilded Palace Of Sin, in February of 1969.

The Burritos, however, not only featured the songs of Hillman and Parsons, but also the unique and astonishing pedal steel guitar of Sneaky Pete.A poster for the Grateful Dead and The Flying Burrito Brothers (and AUM) at the Avalon Ballroom on April 4-6, 1969.Jerry Garcia took an extraordinary interest in Burrito pedal steel guitarist Sneaky Pete Kleinow.There was a worrying consistency across all vendors, highlighting inherent system weaknesses in file system encryption and in the storage of unencrypted patient data.The May 2017 Wanna Cry ransomware attack, which reportedly infected a medical device in a US hospital as well as medical services in the US and the UK, highlighted the potential implications of software vulnerabilities for the health sector. Global child sex trafficking networks generate huge profits, run by the world’s most powerful individuals.