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I went back into bingo90 to discover that my top ticket was 0tg and a few other tickets were showing 1tg and 2tg etc. tombola will soon be no more :) I don't know what has happened, I have been playing tombola for years and love it, play mainly pulse, pirates and cinco, go to play last night and found out my account has been closed, had a chat with a very nice lady and she was unable to help, I have to ring up on Tuesday to see what happened, all she would tell me was that I wasn't the person who had the account, last time I looked in the mirror it was me! and that basically if I am not successful on Tuesday then I can never have another Tombola account as my name will be blocked, I don't know what the heck I have done, but I feel like a criminal and very sad and disappointed why have I been treated like this. The way life goes, great few hours of fun to relax! I have been a member of tombola now for almost 9 years.

why do you think when on chat you get told by the cm not to mention other bingo sites. By the time I'd got back to my tablet it had switched itself off due to inactivity.

What a load of b******t, whenever i've gone back in after being inactive, my previous tickets are briefly displayed with the final status and then i'm given the option to buy more tickets with the next game countdown on, or if i already have tickets in the next game my tickets come up with their current status. It was like being on some sort of sex chat lines..... Stay clear of this chat room, stay clear of the cm's, they have their favourites, and do the world a favour and out the pair of them.Huma Abedin professes her love for her husband in an unfortunately-timed essay in Harper's Bazaar which came out just hours after another woman revealed the sex chats she had with the disgraced former Congressman.The article comes as a vow of support for his bid to become New York City's next mayor, and was released the morning after the notoriously private Abedin spoke out at his press conference Tuesday where he confirmed that he will not be dropping out of the race.This technique will get her to fantasizeabout sex and the great thing is that, sheis sharing it with you.8. Ifshe answers you without hesitations, sheis definitely aroused and more or less,want to be groped by you.You’re lucky ifshe tells you that she is already touchingherself.7. There’s no woman in this world whodoesn’t love a good ol’ massage.While a lot of work at home jobs are phone-based, the Internet has opened up a new breed of customer service that does not require being on the phone.