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We get out of one bad relationship, just to get into a similar dynamic with a different friend or partner. Lavelle’s main area of interest is relationships and how they impact our functioning.
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She was born on the 4th of Aril, 1972 and in 2015; her current age is 43 years old.

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America as the only child born in a middle class family.

They broke up in 2009 after about two years together.

Everybody have feelings and emotions regarding their love life.

But the two did not reveal anything about the nature of their connection.

Jill is not the tallest of woman, and her height is only a 168 cm.She was born to mother Joyce Scott, who raised her along with her own mother as her father was dead before her birth.As a child, she said that she was “very loved and had a happy childhood.” She attended the Philadelphia High School for Girls and upon graduation went to study at the Temple University.I honestly was almost in a place where I could have very easily just gone downhill from there. Now, I;m going to put my mother and my sister in a position for me to be gone too?I had to realize "Why would you do that when that's exactly where we lost him? It just didn't make any sense to put my family through that.) of Lamman Rucker's, I have read many, many interviews about him, including q-and-a interviews and the interviewers always seem to ask him the same things over and over again. And of course no Lamman Rucker interview would be complete without him giving his two cents on us females and what he expects from his significant other. For those who don't know (or don't read my Lamman posts on the regular) I had to cancel my crush on dude a few years ago after I had a dream about that dream he didn't even want me. The guy that we think was responsible for his murder was also murdered. In a distorted kind of way there are certain times I've almost felt like he was one of the best things that could have happened to me, personally, selfishly. I talk about him and think of him all the time and I can't just begin to articulate how much I miss him. And trust me, I consider one of them in particular, which was dropping everything I was doing.