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So how did online dating miss the lesbian community?

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I don't like having to label myself as a general drug user in general, even though I do (420) on a regular basis.

I recognize that this is a vice, but it is not nearly as bad and some of the other substances that would fall in this broad "drugs" category.

Hi guys, I have been thinking for a LONG while that a dating site which matches the couples by way of the drug usage.

I know it's not for everyone, but sometimes you just want to get on with a member of the opposite sex and have a crazy night.

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Not to mention if the law wanted to be cunts they could lure lonely people into bringing drugs to a place and then arrest them for possesion and probably distribution because of the plans of doing drugs together Although I've only met one person through bluelight, I know people have created great relationships (of both sexual and platonic/drug taking nature) through BL. LOL I'm sure you could use existing sites such as RSVP. Single 23 yr old male, currently in between jobs, seeks female companion for road trips to undiscovered chemist in the western suburbs region.

Enjoys long nights on the sofa, late night runs to 7-11 and disrupted sleep patterns.

I may be the only person who thinks like this haha.

Anyway, is there such a site that is based around this specific "interest group"... If you want to have a crazy night with a member of the opposite sex why not go to a club/doof and start dancing with the ladies whilst you're off your head?