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Enterprise vault stops updating cache

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I don't want removed from everyone's computer, just all of the grey (old references) gone when the move / deletion is done.

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The cache location is used for a handful of things include :- * A location for temporarily storing vault cache content files * Pass-Through recalls My question though is where do people put this location when Enterprise Vault is installed on a cluster?For example you may want to stop Vault Cache being enabled when a user logs in to a terminal server, or Citrix server.So the registry key is called OVEnabled (because its former life of being related to Offline Vault). Local SYSTEMMAILBOX SMTP: Enterprise Vault [email protected] Local USEINACTIVITYPERIOD 1 USELARGEITEMSSIZE 0 USEQUOTALIMIT 0 USERPC 0 USERSCANDELETEITEMS 0 USESELFINSTALLFUNCT 1 USING_LOCAL_COPY 0 VCUSERCREDPROMPT Enterprise Vault needs your account details in order to update your Vault Cache. Document*; OVNOUPGRADE 0 OVSTOREVERSION 8 OWAWEBAPPURL Local/Enterprise Vault PFINACTIVITYPERIOD 6 PFINACTIVITYPERIODUNITS 2 PFLARGEITEMSSIZEKB 10240 PFMINAGEPERIOD 2 PFMINAGEPERIODUNITS 1 PFUSELARGEITEMSSIZE 0 POLICYENTRYID 185ECA95C0FC17244BDE413DA96B42B4F1012700w28ksrv. Local PSTIMPORTENABLED 0 PSTPOLICYENTRYID 17A59F8E7D7E5604FAEF6363C9C9250A91012700w28ksrv. That’s not always the only message though, and you will often see this one in attendance : IPM. I've searched through the forums and maybe I missed this easy question or just plain couldn't find someone with the same problem with an answer.