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The participants who attend these parties are fully aware that cameras are filming the action.

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I'll post results, and see then if I can make it better.I've tested that deck, Stockpile/Mysteries/Anointed Procession. It's pretty crazy when it works, and is quite impossible for the opponent to stop. (You'll have to cycle against zombies.) Manglehorn does not seem that valuable to you at all. It's hard to have a humans build without glory-bound initiate..card is such a beast. I know we already are talking about Blossoming Defense but lifegain and removal on a stick is cool..maybe sideboard? Real-Time PRO.v6.0 Vis Sim.v6.0 Visual C v6.0 (Microsoft) Professional Edition - 1CD Visual Fortran (Compaq) Professional v6.6 - 1CD Visual Fortran Compiler (Intel) v9.0.018 – 1CD VISUAL METRIX 2000 V2.01 Visual Mill v5.08 - 1CD Visual Numerics PV WAVE Product Family 9.0 Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition 2CD Visual.

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