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Whereas an abbreviation may be any type of shortened form, such as words with the middle omitted (for example, Rd for road or Dr for Doctor), an acronym is a word formed from the first letter or first few letters of each word in a phrase (such as sonar, created from The rest of this article uses acronym for both types of abbreviation.

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Interactive phonemic chart Submitted on 13 February, 2009 - While I think this chart would be a good item for students to be able to access, I was surprised, when trying it out, that voiceless consonants (p, t, f) are here voiced. Collingridge Phonetic chart errors Submitted on 17 February, 2009 - I love the idea of this chart and want to get my students using it in a self-learning mode, but unfortunately in it's current form it's fatally flawed.

When combining the sounds with diphthongs, for example, 'y' with 'ear' to make 'year', (sorry - can't do the phonemic symbols) there is little if any variation of sound between the consonant and the diphthong. Margaret Osborne Interactive Pronunciation Chart Submitted on 13 February, 2009 - I agree with the previous comment (p, t, k) here are voiced. Please could there be a clarification in meaning and use between the two words: phonetic and phonemic. Many of the consonants (not all) include a vowel sound, which has led to the previous comments noting that some unvoiced consonants are voiced on this chart.