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Method: 645 adults with at least one healthcare contact in the previous 12 months responded to instruments that evaluate primary healthcare.
"The systems they have in place, the actual way the call center works on a practical level, is so brilliant and efficient.

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He is a swarthy, compactly muscular man with black hair and a menacing smile full of metal.

It will need machine learning to respond to changes and negotiate situations outside its programing. To overcome the uncanny valley, its movements and expressions will have to be matched to human expectation.

David Levy and Adrian David Cheok, founders of the annual Congress on Love and Sex with Robots, assert we’re very close now to creating a sex robot, going as far as to say that such robots will be normalized by 2050.

If recent press cycles are any indication, most of us believe this. That we have made immense progress in a number of disciplines that directly relate to the development of humanoid robots is not in dispute.

He has a history of compulsive masturbation, often in public and in the sight of children.

Spivey loiters around in the asylum's common room, and he targets the newcomer Kit Walker.