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A gorgeous model says she has no regrets after stripping nude and dancing in front of fans at the Aussie Rules Grand Final.

Blonde beauty Heather Mc Cartney was caught on camera peeling off her clothes in a corporate box at Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday.

Some of you may remember the historic tattoo exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum, where Guy was given the opportunity to showcase a backpiece design, complete with an impressive 3-minute documentary filmed by the Field Museum crew.

Due to popular demand, this exhibit has been extended until this fall!

She then put on a sultry strip show, dancing as she celebrated the Hawthorn Hawks' impressive victory over Sydney Swans.

But the Scottish-born 26 year-old's impromptu performance was stopped by police who had to wrestle her to the ground to stop her climbing out the window.

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Enjoy an intriguing artistic journey that honors those bold enough to wear the ink and the artists skilled enough to make their imaginative concepts come to life.

If you are in the Chicago area or are planning on traveling there this year, we highly recommend dropping by the museum to check out this unprecedented exhibit showing not only historic objects and images from around the world, but also a comprehensive feature of contemporary artists’ work on skin and canvas.

You can check out a gallery of images from the exhibit on our Facebook page.

Heather was then led away from the ground in handcuffs and spent the night behind bars before being fined £160.

But a defiant Heather told the Herald Sun: “I guess I got a bit carried away with all the free alcohol in the box." “Everyone was making silly bets on the day so I thought I’d just up the ranks and go ‘well I’ll get naked.’ “I don’t regret it but I’m sorry for offending anyone.” Photos of her antics were widely circulated on social media after the Hawks' victory over the Swans.