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She argues that the brain’s circuitry has evolved in such a way that humans will always search for romantic love and partnership—humanity’s survival has depended on it for millennia.

“The vast majority of people on the internet, even on Tinder, are looking for a long-term committed relationship,” she says.

First, some 84% of American men and women are projected to marry by the time they reach age 40. Second, as women continue to pile into the paid labor force, the double-income family will become the norm. For millions of years, women in hunting-gathering societies commuted to work to gather fruits and vegetables, returning to camp with much of the evening meal. Today, almost 50% of American men and women are projected to divorce.

However, in hunting-gathering societies, men and women regularly have two or three marriages.

Helen Fisher studies the brain on love, and in love. Finding Real Love By Understanding Your Personality Type and The Anatomy of Love and her TED talks have been viewed close to 8 million times.

She is a biological anthropologist, professor, chief scientific advisor at, and a global authority on love and desire. The Mash-Up Americans caught up Helen to discuss the changing landscape of attraction, why we date who we do, and what it takes to have a successful mash-up marriage.

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Some people have sex with someone new and then fall in love. Some feel a deep feeling of attachment to another, which then turns into romance and the sex drive.

Our farming forebears were obliged to marry someone with the "right" kin, social and religious connections. And the credo was honor thy husband 'til death do us part.

Today, instead, most men and women in postindustrial societies marry (and divorce) for love.

, a group of women seek justice in the case of six girls who were allegedly raped by their principal.", "sponsored": false, "author_credit": "POV", "title": "The Chinese Activists Fighting for Sexual Abuse Accountability", "url": "/video/index/504353/hooligan-sparrow/", "series": "Editors' Picks", "image": "", "id": 504353 }, ]" itemscope itemtype=" Object" As internet dating and hook-up apps proliferate, some people fear that technology is changing love and marriage.

In this interview filmed at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival, the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher puts those anxieties to rest.