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Input validating

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Since the form is placed inside a model which is not visible after loading page, the plugin might ignore the fields.

Although this seems like a trivial question, I am quite sure it is not :) I need to validate names and surnames of people from all over the world. If it were only English ones I think that this would cut it: I doubt that this is feasible - there are just to much Unicode symbols to exclude all unwanted symbols (and how will tell you what Chinese symbols to exclude?

This stands to reason that all input should be checked and validated, because you do not know exactly who or what is giving you input to process.

Applications and software should check all input entered by a user, but this is not the only time that input should be checked. Was it your application, was it another application, is it some shared database table that another application is storing data in that you would never expect?

The Dublin based, Irish free energy company Steorn, has allowed PESN to view and report on four documents written by third party scientists and engineers that appear to validate the Orbo overunity technology.

by Hank Mills for Pure Energy Systems News PESN has been given the opportunity by Sean Mc Carthy, the CEO of Steorn, to review four documents that provide confirmation of their overunity magnetic technology, named Orbo.

Originally, in 2006, their technology utilized only permanent magnets interacting with other magnets in very specific ways.Using a library to do form validation can save lots of your development time. j Query Form validation library is the most popular validation library.This post collects all my notes and references on j Query Form validation library.This public forum evolved, and lead to the creation of a private forum for those willing to sign non-disclosure agreements.This private forum eventually became what is today called the "Steorn Knowledge Development Base" or SKDB.) and there are surly to many valid symbols to inlcude them all (and you will have Chinese symbols problem again).