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In his new book, The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating, Andy Stanley writes:“I’m not all that interested in why things are the way they are. The cliff notes version of Stanley’s advice is found in chapter 10 which he describes as the “hard sell”. He starts this chapter by repeating a challenge that he made earlier: “Beginning today, take a year off from all romantic and sexual pursuits” (170). Psychiatrists tell us that addictions are forever—abstinence is the only prescription that truly works.
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A young family, a high risk driver, good credit, bad credit? Make sure you have the right products to fit their needs at a competitive rate. Have a professional Insurance Agency Facebook page. Get a cell phone just for the office so clients can text you (if you’d prefer not to use your personal number). You could even swap out which staff member is “on call” from one week to another. Drop off brochures, meet the staff, explain to owners how your coverage protects them in case of renter negligence. (Use the Insurance Marketing System for content.) 10. The more data you collect, the better decisions you can make. These are prospects that have been quoted very recently and are in the process of making a decision. They see you as an expert they can trust when they make their first home purchase. Network at local apartment complexes for Renters Insurance quotes. Make it conversational and not all about boring insurance specifics. Use our Insurance Marketing System templates for your blog to make it even more automated. Include a life insurance quote with a reminder that rates will go UP after their birthday and to lock them in now. Train staff to handle the details so you can make the business more profitable. Create a simple spreadsheet or written form and gather the information from staff each week. Make contacting your agency simple for your clients. Keep a “Hot List” for easy follow up with current prospects. Make a goal to have at least two coffee dates or lunch meetings with potential referrers each week. Insurance companies are in a unique position when it comes to marketing.They have no tangible products to sell, but must instead rely on strong relationships with loyal customers and word of mouth to help them compete.If you decide to stay with Original Medicare, you might be able to sign up for a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan to help pay for Original Medicare’s out-of-pocket costs.Different Medigap plans pay for different amounts of those costs, such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Adopting a uniquely results-focused approach, our team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts work closely with each and every client to increase online visibility and most importantly, win new patients.As an "exclusively healthcare" company, our SEO experts have a unique understanding of today's healthcare market and how your patients are using search engines.Ensuring that your message reaches the right set of eyes, Med Net offers a selection of competitive Search Engine Marketing packages. This improves your Google ranking and shows that you’re an insurance expert! Wait…even better…send a birthday card a few weeks early. Be their advocate and make sure they are getting taken care of during the claims process. Marketing your agency, bringing in more prospects, and getting quotes is your purpose! Hint: You won’t know the answer if you aren’t actively tracking the source of every quote. Remember that specific situations make better testimonials. ” “Karen contacted me personally after my accident to help get me into a rental car in under 12 hours.” 26. Use them on your website, social media, brochures, everywhere. These are great people to team up with for fundraisers and client workshops. Follow these steps to a great marketing campaign – warm ‘em up with a postcard, follow up with a phone call, and then send a reminder email. Create a website that generates quotes (not just a boring branded site from your company.) Make sure your site has a blog and that you are posting on it at least twice a month. How can you give your clients more value than they expect? If you spend all day on the phone putting out fires, you’ll never get around to making new connections and building your brand. Understand that selling insurance is NOT your purpose. They don’t want to see stock photos of cars and umbrellas. Don’t just “sell” a client, show them how you solve a problem. See how you can help them at the same time that they help you. It might take time to build it up but the benefit is worth it. Consider yourself a local celebrity (like the weatherman). Prioritize – only work on things that make MONEY during your work hours. This generally involves a combination of activities that include both traditional and new media, direct and indirect sales.