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Itemupdating newvalues

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Note that if the Subscription mode of the involved Subscription is COMMAND, then changed fields are meant as relative to the previous update for the same key.

On such tables if a DELETE command is received, all the fields, excluding the key field, will be iterated as changed, with null value.

Best regards, Sebastian the Telerik team Hi, I am facing th same problem when i try to update the grid using On Update Command command for an Auto Generate Columns='' true'' type grid. Extract Values From Item(new Values, edit Item); this also gives the old values.

It gives me the old values I tried using the code Hashtable new Values = new Hashtable(); e.

I always get the old (original) values, example: I don't know what I'm doing wrong please give me a tip or an advice.

thanks in advance Hello Mike, Can you please verify that you use advanced binding with Need Data Source event handling or assign a data source control for the grid as shown in the demos pointed out from Sam J?

But when i set up a breakpoint and read changed Text Box value, it is still the old value( the value before Edit button is pressed). This is to summarize the inconsistent behaviors I encountered when working with "After Properties" in "Item Updating" event handler on a custom Share Point list in SP 2010.1) After Properties will be NULL when Item Updating event is called because of a code-update to list: But, when the list is being updated by code, and the code does not update the "Email" (for example, the code just updates "First Name" in the list) then properties. To String() will have the correct look up value like "3;#karthik", but the value of properties. To String() will have only "3" (just the look up ID).Best, Sebastian the Telerik team Hello Mike, Can you verify using the debugger if you have any columns in Rad Grid1. Generally all columns (declared auto-generated) can be found in Render Columns.Regards, Vlad the Telerik team collection of the grid are explained in this section of the documentation: how to customize columns programmatically you can see from the bottom section of this help topic.You use collection events to monitor changes to a collection to update the display.