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It was very hard for me to go out there on a dating website, but after a few unsuitable matches and fans, I have to say that my misgivings about dating online were not justified.

Jack white and loretta lynn dating

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The church played a huge role in shaping White's worldview during his formative years.

"I feel strongly connected to God," he later told an interviewer. I can take elements from Buddhism or other religions and see the similarities and differences in those, and learn from those, but at the end of the day, I don't care as much about man's interpretation of religion.

I’ve written a lot of country songs I suppose, but they only became “country” after I mixed them and put them out there.

AVC: You recently said that you wanted to break up The White Stripes before making a solo record, because you didn’t want to go through the “dumb perception battle of people who couldn’t be broad-minded enough to understand the difference between Jack White and The White Stripes.” What, in your mind, is the difference between Jack White and The White Stripes, in terms of the music you’re making?

Premeditation is something like, “I’m going to make a country record,” but I’ve never done that.Met Megan White at the restaurant where she worked, and had an immediate connection.They got married in 1996, and in an unusual twist, took her last name.What I care about is what God tells me directly." That intense spiritual connection led a teenaged White, who long served as an altar boy, to consider going to seminary to pursue a life in the priesthood."I was thinking at 14," he recalled, "that possibly I might have had the calling to be a priest.Forever to be admired alongside music legends like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Kid Rock and Kings of Leon, Loretta Lynn and Jack White are the newest inductees into Nashville's Music City Walk of Fame.