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Last week’s episode ended with Jo Jo having a panic attack because just as she was about to send Luke home, he told her he loves her. Jo Jo is having an emotional breakdown and with this new declaration of love, she’ll have to amend her decision about who she is sending home. This guy lives to make love, you have to take him to the fantasy suite. To prove to Jo Jo that he is serious about her and the timeline of his love isn’t fishy (um, yes it is) Robby shows her a note from his dad saying he must really be in love. ), but a fake note from dad is a good way to get yourself invited to the fantasy suite. They make out some more and Jo Jo baby talks in Robby’s ear so we are literally seeing their foreplay at that moment. Robby puts the “do not be disturb” sign on the door and we know what that means! Sidenote: Robby was a swimmer…his penis is hairless isn’t it? Jordan meets up with Jo Jo on a beach and he is looking fine, as usual.
The Pu inventories, the Am/Pu and Pu/Cs ratios, and the Saanich Inlet Dabob Bay comparison all argue that Pu is not rapidly remobilized in anoxic sediments.