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does MATLAB support assignment of default values to input arguments like python does? This solution is probably overkill for simple functions, but you might keep it in mind for your monster-function that solves equations, plots results and brings you coffee.

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You can partition your code into editor cells by typing two percent signs, %%, at the beginning of the line.Now that our schema is defined, we can parse our inputs using the aptly named parse function.I am working on a project and have many functions to create and they do need lots of debugging so instead of just hitting the run button i have to go to command window and give a function call.The line Param Value('highlight',true,@islogical); will make highlight a valid input key to the function;check that the input is logical and if not defined in the input highlight will default to true.Sorry about the formatting but editting the answer with an example was rejected., this is much the most robust way of handling complex input argument syntaxes, including default arguments.This entry was posted on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 at am and is filed under code.