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and Connie Britton but it was also a fish out of water, made for either theatrical release or whatever we would call straight-to-video now and thus, not necessarily fitting in with the normal Hallmark fare. It stars Lacey Chabert, who is making a power play for the throne of Christmas Queen 2015 and with both Candace Cameron Bure AND Haylie Duff seemingly taking the year off (what? Sure, CCB’s fellow former Full-House co-star Lori Laughlin could come out of nowhere to rip the crown from her in what I can only assume will be the juggernaut sequel to Northpole but this is a discussion for a later day (can’t wait! Point is that Family For Christmas follows the TV Christmas playbook to a T and I mean that in the best way although I’m not sure if I should have said “T” or “tee” there.

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And for me, personally, it's exciting to think of how much my life will change when the show does end. I have no idea, because I don't even know if we'll be lucky enough to do a seventh year.When you are on something like this for so long, and it's so all-consuming, it's just exciting to... It's sort of year by year with television, so I think, as it gets closer, it'll be easier to decide.Pretty Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) having heated argument with Milo Ventimiglia in the corner of the Gramercy Cafe around 8 pm. Now, on its own this would have been kind of boring just b/c I cared more about him when he was the guy from Bend it Like Beckham as opposed to the guy who managed to pull off the lead in a Woody Allen film and a tv movie about Elvis both in the same calendar year.

TVG: Everyone's talking about the show's big resurgence this season. That's really fun for me, because for a long time, I was the youngest person by far. TVG: How do you feel about doing the show for a couple more years? While it's certainly positive that they would want to continue the show for a couple more years, we're probably closer to the end than we are to the beginning. Bledel: That's a decision I'll make at that time, if it's a possibility.

Although Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) had her fair share of boyfriends on “Gilmore Girls,” she wouldn’t let them get in the way of her ambitions.

Ultimately, she chose more life experience over marriage at the end of the series.

Every time we think Gilmore Girls can't possibly surprise us again, the beloved WB dramedy (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET) goes and does just that. I think it's cool just to see a fresh, new relationship with all of its problems and complications. It's felt that way for me, especially, because we have all these new young kids coming in for the college scenes. Your contract is up in two years, so you could either quit or stay and do both the show and movies.

This year, the 22-year-old ingenue took her character, virginal brainiac Rory, from all-night cramming sessions to one-night stands, got herself cast against type as a Sin City hooker and, in this interview, gave up a rare insight into her real-life romance with her former leading man, American Dreams heartthrob Milo Ventimiglia. TVG: Since you have such great chemistry with Matt Czuchry (Logan), I'd say that's a given. He's stuck around for a while, so that's a good sign.