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It fades into a bitter gardenia laced with geranium scent.

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AD, the most common form of dementia, begins deep in the brain where healthy neurons begin to work less efficiently and eventually die.This process gradually spreads to the brain’s learning and memory center—the hippocampus—and other areas of the brain, which begin to shrink.

Also used to describe the process of genetic change within a population, as influenced by natural selection.

At the same time, beta-amyloid plaques begin to multiply throughout the brain.

amino acid An organic compound containing nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; one of the 20 building blocks of protein. An aneurysm can grow large and rupture–or burst–or dissect, which occurs when one or more layers of the artery walls splits. angiography An imaging study that is used to evaluate patients for coronary artery disease.

Keywords Mitochondrial DNA control region; Lycalopex; Canidae; Carnivora Introduction The first representatives of the family Canidae entered South America in the late Pliocene and early Pleistocene, coming from North America through the Panama Isthmus (formed approximately 3 million years ago [mya]), and then radiated to achieve their present diversity ().

Currently there are ten canid species endemic to South America, representing the largest diversity of this family on any continent.