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They have gone to Grenada, to the war on drugs, to fight forest fires in Alaska, and to feed the troops in "Desert Shield" and Desert Storm.

MREs (short for “meals ready to eat”) are the brainchild of the US Military.

These convenient, ultra-durable, and super compact meals were developed by the military to replace the heavy, bulky rations that preceded them.

Earlier military meals required much more time and resources to prepare and because of their weight and bulk they also required more effort to move.

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Tens of millions of MRE "full meals" have been produced and eaten.

In 1543, the Báthory family took possession of the citadel, proceeding to divert the Somes' waters in order to defend the southern part of the fortress; thus, the fortress remained on an island linked to the main roads by three bridges over the Somes River.

In 1562 the citadel was besieged by Ottoman armies.

Thanks for any help fellas, looking to snag these up QUICK if the dates are pretty fresh.

MRE HISTORYMREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) were born on Earth, but grew up on Apollo flights to the moon, in Skylab floating workshops and on every U. And so, over 20 years ago, retort pouches found a home at NASA, where all their unusual characteristics were much appreciated and they have been successfully feeding astronauts in flight and on the moon ever since.