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But whenever I voiced my concerns they would simply say, “Yeah, you’re probably right but I don’t care. ” I learned that when a man is dead-set on making his situation work, there’s almost nothing you can do to talk him out of it. Borderline girls typically end up with two types of men: needy tools (who they destroy) and guys with real Dark Triad traits who truly don’t give a shit.

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Not an easy task, but you consistently do so with grace, humility and courage.'In a nutshell, you've ended up framing Islam through a secular lens, aimed at a secular people and conscious of the presence of a secular government.

The end result was always going to be ugly.' This is the same man who refused to condemn Islamic State terrorist atrocities in an October 2014 interview on the ABC's Lateline, despite being asked to do so 11 times by presenter Emma Alberici.

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Deja Vu All Over Again As Connecticut Unveils Governor Malloys Marvel By May 26, 2017 Its dj vu all over again at Connecticut, as Governor Malloy and his fellow Democrats in the Assembly try the same shared sacrifices approach painful concessions by state employees with increased taxes and harsh spending cuts that has…

Silence of the Democrats Is Echoing Louder As Trump Tours Europe By May 24, 2017 The presidents tour in the Middle East and Europe is going extremely well, to the point where there is almost complete silence from the Democrats.

The Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget are rolling out a budget, and we might finally be…

Though proud and respectful of her heritage and faith, Kamala always felt different and was often mocked by her other peers for her nerdy interests, and strict parents.

In addition to Nakia and Bruno, Kamala found escape in her love of video games, social media, fan fiction, and above all, superheroes.