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This small experiment noted that although vulnerable children with additional cues maybe at more risk all children who posted details about themselves on social network sites faced the risk of contact by predators.

The need for further research and better means of regulating such sites was suggested.

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I might not be an Adonis, but I like to think of myself as an Adonis in that photo."In his natural habitat, Hardy also once wrote this in his My Space "about me" section: "I have a head like a disco ball, if I say I'll do something, unless I absolutely can't it gets done, I never give up on humanity, I love people.In fact, like the rest of us, he was once a younger, more angsty version of himself, frozen in time thanks to the Internet.Behold, the Tom Hardy of the My Space era: That man right there—with the gut, the mustache, the goofy grin, and the tattoos—was the Tom Hardy of another time.Well, let this serve as a warning to you because you may have just fallen victim to the dreaded, “My Space Angles.” The My Space Angles phenomenon isn’t one that is new but is a growing concern for men, young and old, across the globe.Photography-savvy young ladies are utilizing crafty camera angles and even photo software to weave a type of black magic onto their likenesses that would rival even the most forgiving Glamour Shots photographers of the old days.fuck me around I'll let it go I'm not here for stuff I'm here to live and give whatever it is I can to nourish rather than to take and move on, I'm course and straight, I act for a living now adopting characters for money, it is a languague I was born into, I always wanted to be someone else, it isn't rocket science it's easy, now that I've made amends for lying to myself, it is a trade craft nothing more, I pray I don't get caught up "living the dream." such a lonely place.