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I don't play games, and I will not be beaten on or put down. :two_hearts: I would like to add I will going to the gym starting in May to loose a lot of this weight.
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Several mechanisms, including cluster duplication, expansion in the number of genes, divergence of protein-coding sequences, changes in expression patterns, and alterations in cis-regulatory regions have been implicated in the generation of diversity in the metazoan body plan (reviewed in refs. In vertebrates, differences in the spatial and temporal distribution of expression patterns in the paraxial mesoderm are reflected in the transition from one type of vertebra to another (4, 9).

For instance, comparative expression analyses reveal that the anterior boundary of expression lies within the thoracic regions of mouse, chick, snake, and fish even though the number of thoracic vertebra vary extensively among these organisms (5–8).

Sir saying again and again, 'Beta (child), keep it in mind'." They're there, the words, resonating in her consciousness as she races through - "Tight, tight, straight, straight, compact, swing, push." She hits the board, swings her legs into the air and, tongue sticking out, reaches out to the vaulting table.

Shooting towards it, only to be pushed back, with as much force and power that her forward momentum can generate; the vault becomes a bowstring and sends her into the air as high as she can go.

This raises the question of how a common genetic program has evolved to account for diverse morphologies.The vaulting table for one, about 25m from where she is, separated by the runway, a platform meant for propulsion.Around her, there are stands and spectators but they begin to blur, the noise in the hall receding.Celebrities born the same day: Kat Bjelland, John Malkovich, Booba (rapper), Sonia Gandhi, Kirk Douglas, Judi Dench, Bixente Lizarazu, Jesse Metcalfe, Jakob Dylan, John Cassavetes, Felicity Huffman, Ariane Massenet... Celebrities having the same aspect Moon trine Neptune (orb 017'): Keanu Reeves, Mahatma Gandhi, Prince (musician), Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks, Katie Holmes, Yannick Noah, Pink (singer), Sean Penn, Charlne, Princess of Monaco, William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill... Celebrities having the same aspect Mercury sextile Saturn (orb 021'): Cameron Diaz, Penlope Cruz, Mel Gibson, Jessica Simpson, Emma Stone, Rocco Siffredi, Jennifer Garner, Paul Newman, Charles, Prince of Wales, Eva Green, Carmen Electra, Alize (singer)... Astrology Data Base updated Sunday, 4 June 2017 at pm, CEST52,438 celebrities and events, out of which 22,727 entries with a known time of birth.Search by filters, aspects, positions, categories, heights, or latest additions.In the chick with a smaller thoracic region comprising seven vertebrae, the embryonic expression may be brought about by divergence in transcriptional regulation machineries of different species.