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People match dating headline examples

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New radiocarbon dating of fossils suggests

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Other examples are: Laetoli footprints: according to most creationists, these are modern human footprints that are dated at 3.7 million years ago, long before humans were meant to exist.Creationists emphasize the close resemblance between these and modern human footprints, but often neglect to mention their extremely small size and the fact they may also be similar to the feet of the australopithecines living at the same time.afarensis, and suggests they may belong to another species of australopithecine, or an early species of Homo.

Further analysis of the remains could tell the researchers where the cemetery’s occupants came from, what they ate, and details of their medical history.

To read about archaeology on an island in the Indian Ocean, go to “Castaways.” reports that ancient paintings in caves and rock shelters on the Ennedi Plateau have been defaced with graffiti.

Mahamat Saleh Haroun, Chad’s minister of culture, said the 8,000-year-old paintings had been covered with names written in French and Arabic.

But of course, such dramatic findings are never accepted easily.

There are already suggestions that the markings on the bones are the product of nature mimicking human tools.