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But as much as she loves the idea, Nikki is totally against it.

Watch Nikki try to shut down the idea in the video above! Paige Is "Scared" to Tell Her Mom About Her Rocky Relationship: Paige and Kevin have been going through a hard time in their relationship since she told him she didn't want to be engaged.

was packed with heated arguments and one emotional split.

Throughout the episode, the tension between Paige and Kevin was clear.

Her mom then says she think she needs to "address" some of the "issues" she has.

Paige tells her mom there's no issue and then tells her to "shut up.""No I'm not gonna shut up this time because I think there's an issue," she says.

It’s all about accepting yourself in your own skin and as soon as you do that, your life will change for the better." —samanthah453ee4af2 "I just flippin’ love this picture of myself.

It took me a long time to love myself, and my love for fashion helped me love myself more.

This is the first of many full body pictures that I will be taking to celebrate my beauty and remind everyone else to celebrate their beauty as well, regardless of size." —baileyann16 "It’s taken me a long time to be comfortable and confident in who I am.

On this day though, I knew I was going to the beach so I decided to forgo them.

That decision felt scary and wrong but turned out to be so right. Isn’t that how everyone should feel when they put (or don’t put) something on?

I don't generally think of video games as bringing people together or creating a sense of community. With his new company, Digital Chocolate he's now making games that connect people to each other, first through the game, and then with the option of meeting in real life. I drive a Lexus LS 400 sedan and to me, it's just the most efficient tool there is. Wow, well, maybe Yosemite, which of course is a good drive and just extraordinary landscape. TRIP HAWKINS: Well, when I was a kid it was the golden age of television when “Leave it to Beaver” was on and I just noticed with my friends that everyone wanted to watch TV, and I thought TV was kind of slow and not very interactive.

When I was preparing to interview Trip Hawkins, I was expecting him to focus on new games and applications for mobile phones. Hard-core gamers revere him for founding Electronic Arts and for creating the now defunct 3DO console. He told me he's moved his wife and kids from an isolated house to a friendlier neighborhood. I don't really care about how clean it is on the outside. I got lots of trunk room, and it can go really fast. As much as we all love TV for some things, I wanted to be more active.