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Thus, if we start out with 1 gram of the parent isotope, after the passage of 1 half-life there will be 0.5 gram of the parent isotope left.

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The sexual partners may be in a committed relationship, either on an exclusive basis or not, or engage in the sexual activity on a casual basis.

They may be on intimate terms (in which case they are often referred to as "lovers") or anonymous, as in the case of sex with a stranger, a one-night stand, or a prostitute.

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A person may have more than one sexual partner at any one time, either as polyamory, polygamy or in contravention of convention.

However, finding myself in this threshold of adulthood has made me act and think more deliberately about certain aspects of my personal life as I’ve ascended in years, especially when it comes to my relationship with my partner. Part of this comes from the fact that society insists on a relationship hierarchy wherein people who are legally single aren’t taken as seriously as those who are legally married (ironic, given how casually we treat divorce).

And unfortunately, because my partner and I aren’t legally married, we’re often not taken as seriously as I would like.

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