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Pkg upgrade updating repository catalogue

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The current version of PHP is 5.3.29 and when I tried to install another PHP extension (which is a # pkg install php53-fileinfo Updating Free BSD repository catalogue... In case of PHP, the installed versions become out of sync with the freshest ones in the repos very fast, and currently the only possible way of upgrading PHP is to upgrade each and every extension separately - an operation which, because of the broken dependancy tracking, may install new binaries (, leaving it broken until manually and individually fixed.

Binary packages - some love them, some hate them, some don't know anything else.

While most of the BSDs have used the ports collection or pkgsrc to compile software from source code, they've also offered precompiled versions of that large collection of software.

Sometimes you would rather trade away the flexibility, customization and other great features of the ports collection or pkgsrc for something that's more "quick 'n easy." Since many years ago, Free BSD, Open BSD, Net BSD and Dragon Fly BSD have used the "pkg_add" command to install binary packages.

Maybe the other BSDs will adopt it as time goes on, too.

It may sound obvious, but before you start, you will need a binary package repository.