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Hope there will be Playfull kiss 2, maybe drama about O Hani as wife and mother. you both (kim hyun joong and jung so min) look awsome in playfull kiss. ever since i have wathced ''playfull kiss" it is all over my mind. I hope to see you in more comedies drama as well as movies. i hope you can have more funny-yet-dramatic love story dramas and movies... She's one of the most desirable women in the world - but Katy Perry still needs reassurance from time to time.We love the bold black and white stripes on this triangle two-piece, which we've also spotted on Kelly Brook.It's a great summer holiday must-have; one that we think will have people asking you where you got it.The mother-of-two was dressed for an inconspicuous and casual AM, clad in a dark sweater, loose tee and comfortable cropped sweatpants.Her little girl playfully tried to climb from her mother's arms, sporting small red vans and a heart patterned set.Charlize smiled as she tried to keep hold of her wriggling daughter, before setting her down and letting August walk behind her mommy, before jumping in the car and heading off.

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'When you're rolling calls with your A&R but trying to massage the stress out ya jaw at the same time cause everything is coming to a head,' she humorously captioned it.

Too, I like that she's given a strong voice at times, speaking out at Seungjo about his cold and sometimes cruel behavior toward her.

Someday if they want to remake Princess Hour/Goong, i will choose Jung So Min because her character in Mischievous Kiss similar to Yoon Eun Hye in Goong and of coz they looked like twin sister.

The Number of Episodes is 20 I hope this come true.... i really really like your role in every drama especially Playfull Kiss. Ur role n saeng jo role are as same as me n my boyfriend ..........really i njyd it a lot.......thanks for making me feel so good by watchng playful kiss......luck to you oh ha ni........kumao..... Thanku:) I'd never say this to anybody..goodness knows i can totally be too emotional with movies,,one thing that made me wanna like throw up in my mouth when playful kiss ended was because of the remarkable-phenomenal-yet a wonderful display of min did make me cry I am currently watching Playful Kiss and I love your acting so much in it. I would LOVE to see Playful Kiss 2 with you two together.

and 빅 만.(big man) i wish you'll do better more than that youre now. I really like oh ha ni shes the best cute personality and amazing women, jung so-min is really fantastic woman before i never watch any korean movie but when i watch "play full kiss" everything change Very cute face, eyes and lips. Please take care ur weight, you look much prettier when u're slimmer :) Very good acting and expression. Also very good character of o Hani, although she's dumb but she never give up, but u make me dissapoint when u very sad in 10 days, no life anymore without seung jo, it's really bad example or lesson for young generation who watch this movies. Even though Oh Ha Ni is seen as the girl going after Baek Sung Jo, you make this character so lovable with your acting in Playful Kiss. Lots of LOVE from a Sri Lankan fan❤ jung so min,i really like d way u act,it maks pipu tink beyond the scene,stil lovin ur movie playful kiss lyk seriously and also big man i understood y u didnt want to accept d fact dat kim ji hyuk is ur broda still expectin lot of ur movies,loving uuuu I love your acting. She would have be a very annoying character but you made her so likeable, cute and funny. Until this day, I think that is my most memorable character in K Drama for me.