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The images are different from the original ones and Excel is set to overwrite the existing images. What I presume, is that Power Point loses the link to the file, since the 'new' image is different from the 'original' image. Do you need more information to even comment on this issue?The linked excel chart method is Power Point is not well thought out! Copy the chart and in PPT choose Paste Special (Link as Excel chart) You should now have a rightc click option to update and maybe the auto update will also work.We now turn the microphone over to Brian Reilly, Power Point MVP, who bares all (and grins it) Here's a fairly extensive list of things that happen with Excel linked charts to PPT and what you can do about it.1 - It is best to put the charts on their own chart sheet.As one Power Point newsgroup visitor put it: "I have a presentation in MS Power Point 97.

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Even though I set up the links as "Update: Automatic", I find that when I open the PP presentation, it doesn't always show the latest data from Excel.Does anyone know a solution or an alternative method to do this? Add Picture( _ File Name:="C:\Users\Name\image1.png", _ Link To File:=mso False, _ Save With Document:=mso True, Left:=(Active Presentation. I've run into this myself for updating weather images from the Internet during a slideshow. Delete End If End With Next Next Set sld Temp = Active Presentation. I have linked several excel charts into a powerpoint slide.I used the copy from excel and paste into powerpoint as a link and keep source formatting. When I change the graph data and/or scales in excel I don't see any updates in powerpoint. Again, I don't see the excel chart updating any information.However, once I open & close the graphs in PP, they'll show the correct data." To understand why this happens, you first have to know that Power Point itself doesn't make graphs.