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Radioactive dating isotopes

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Steve Weatherell suggests that we acknowledge both the usefulness and danger inherent in harvesting radioactivity.

Radioactivity is the process under which the nucleus can change spontaneously from one element to another.

The radioactivity corresponds to the neutron/proton ratio in the atom: The neutron/proton ratio for a certain element must fall within a certain range for the element to be stable.

That’s why some isotopes of an element are stable and others are radioactive.

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Are you an educator or animator interested in creating a TED-Ed original?Pb-206 is stable, and the decay sequence, or series, stops.The nucleus has positively charged protons shoved together in an extremely small volume of space. The forces that normally hold the nucleus together sometimes can’t do the job, and so the nucleus breaks apart, undergoing nuclear decay.For carbon, there are a lot of C-12, a couple of C-13, and a few C-14 atoms.When you average out all of the masses, you get a number that is a little bit higher than 12 (the weight of a C-12 atom).Nominate yourself here » The Voyager spacecraft uses radioactive elements for power.