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While successful in reducing foreign debt and fostering greater economic prosperity for the Dominican people, Trujillo and his heinous human rights abuses—including the murder of thousands of civilians—managed to escape rebuke from the international community for decades.

Jesús Galíndez in his famous book La Era de Trujillo testifies to the following: "Ramfis", Rafael L.

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They included Desert Sands, Naked In The Sun, Girls On The Loose and Never Love A Stranger.The young Trujillo swept her off her feet.“It was a gallant kidnapping,” Lita told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo last week.“He was a dark prince on a white horse.“But at the same time it was my mistake because I could have gone much further as an actress.”Instead she gave up everything, marrying Ramfis and moving to his father’s Caribbean kingdom.He took control of the Dominican Republic on , after his father was assassinated.Though Ramfis’s paternity was legitimately recognized by his father, it was rumored at the time that La Españolita ("the little Spaniard"), as María de los Ángeles Martínez Alba was affectionately called before she met Trujillo (because both of her parents were from Spain) conceived Ramfis with a Cuban man named Rafael Dominici, who then disappeared (some say killed).A year later, Trujillo was killed by a group of rebels determined to topple his regime.