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The knob of a pro bat will have a model number ending in "A," "B," "S" or sometimes "V." The "A" means the bat is 35" long; "B" equals 34"; "S" denotes a special, shorter bat; and "V" was sometimes used for 1/2" lengths.

Some recent players have models that include their initials, such as Mark Mc Gwire's "MAC 25" or Mike Schmidt's "MS 20." If a bat has "C," "D" or another letter after the number, it likely is a retail bat.

Below are the ovals from different eras for professional model, top of the line, and inexpensive store model bats. HILLERICH & SON" with "- MADE BY -" above it, and "LOUISVILLE SLUGGER" at the very top. (pictured is catalog designation 125) "LOUISVILLE SLUGGER" is at the very top of the oval. In 1973 the Registered Trademark is added over the "d" in Powerized (not shown here) Outside and below the oval "REG. A breakdown of the different labels will be added soon. "LOUISVILLE SLUGGER" is at the bottom to the left of the ampersand, & "MADE IN U. The highest grade of wood is reserved for all 125 baseball bats. 40 was the highest quality line of baseball bats in the Louisville Slugger catalog. Louisville slugger began using model numbers on the knob in 1943 then moving the model number to the barrel in 1977. They introduced the "Powerized and Bone Rubbed" logo for the 1932 season and in 19 you will see it stamped "Powerized and Oil Tempered" which usually is a very light heat foil type print.

(Not a fan of the PRO88 at all) PRONP2: Smaller version of the PRONP4.

Wide and flat pocket just shorter than an NP4, which in my opinion feels bigger than 11 1/2 and the NP5 feels bigger than 11 3/4, but the NP2 feels really close to 11 1/4.

NP2- 11.25 NP3- 11.25 (modified conventional back), NP4- 11.5, NP5 11.75 NP12 12"PROAK- Adam Kennedy Model From 11 to 11.25 to 11.5PRODJ- Jeter Model. Somewhere between a PRO200 and NP4PRORV23/ AR13- Usually 12 1/4" with deep bowl pocket and shape. PROTROY25- Troy Glaus gamer- Typically runs 12" with a narrow and flat pocket shape. Where the welting is on the fingers means little about the glove other than a reinforcing stitch that is needed because of the way the pattern is designed.

PRO200-6KAnything with a "J" is Japanese HOH PRO200-6JB (Black Japan HOH)Anything with a "TL" is Oil treated Tan PRO200-4TLAnything with an "M" has a mesh back PRO201-3JBMAnything with a "DC" has the dual core tech PRO502-3DCBlackhorse dating system.