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Russian orthodox view on dating

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We, as Christians, see creation as an act of God; nature is something that He designed in His infinite Wisdom and continues to sustain.

In Genesis we see that God brought forth creatures to reproduce after their own kind and therefore the attraction that one subspecies has toward members of it’s own kind cannot be denied.

And until modern times this was by and large the universal practice of both Christians and non-Christians alike.Their efforts, which reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of marriage, are misguided at best and sinful at worst.There will always be Christians who oppose "homosexuality" on moral grounds, but enlisting the state to protect "the sanctity of marriage" is a mistake.Simply teaching teens that sex is bad is insufficient and tends to leave teens further confused as to why they are having the physical and psychological feelings and urges that come along with puberty and thereafter.In fact this approach typically leads teens to feel that they themselves are bad for having these feelings and for being attracted to people of the opposite sex.When dating, it is essential to learn the traditional roles of men and women in Russia.